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Best Blender Juicer Combo Reviews. Squeezing is an inexorably famous method for getting more supplements installed.

Regardless of whether you battle to eat enough leafy foods and you need some assistance, or you just love products of the soil however much of it as could reasonably be expected, you’ll require a respectable juicer or blender.

Presently, when you utilize a blender to make squeeze, the result will be marginally unique to while you’re utilizing a juicer. Successfully, a blender is a rapid processor.

The sharp edges will cut up anything they come into contact with. Juicers, paradoxically, act more like goliath squeezers. The juice from your leafy foods is removed by applying strain to it.

Likewise, blenders don’t come outfitted with mash sifters, and they don’t have stripping highlights by the same token. This implies your completed juice will in any case contain all that you tossed in down to the seeds and stalks. 

Great blenders will pummel these. The completed consistency will be weighty and less clear than juice produced in a juicer. You ought to accordingly appreciate considerably more supplements since none of the integrity has been sifted through.

Today, then, at that point, we’ll feature the best 12 blenders for squeezing. We’ve picked machines at an assortment of costs and sizes, so there ought to be something for everybody.

Whenever we have our audits set up, you ought to handily figure out which of these merits a put on your waitlist. To balance, we’ll toss in a short blender purchasing guide, and we’ll layout how to make juice in a blender the simple way.

Best Blender juicer Combo Reviews


Our general most loved blender comes from Vitamix as the 5200. This is a business grade unit, yet it’s similarly at home in a private kitchen.

Browse a triplet of colorways to suit then, at that point, benefit from exceptional power on tap with an elite presentation engine worked to continue onward for a really long time.

Laser-cut tempered steel cutting edges make contact heat, however what’s the significance here? All things considered, in just 6 minutes, enough hotness is produced to carry super cold fixings to steaming hot. This is great assuming that you’re hoping to pile up some soup as well as juices in your new blender.

With variable speed, you can without much of a stretch mistake the surface to suit the fixings giving you colossal adaptability. You can curve the dial and control speed at any stage during mixing, as well.

Self-tidying sees the blender tidied up in under a moment with only gentle cleanser and water.

The 64oz compartment permits you to make up medium or enormous bunches for the entire family.

The savvy plan of the alter incorporated permits you to work unhesitatingly with obstinate fixings. You won’t have to stop the blender either to scratch the sides. The actual holder is additionally flawlessly planned so the fixings crease back onto the sharp edges.

Welcome additional items incorporate a cooling fan and a warm security framework heated in.

As you’d anticipate from a rough business appraised unit, you’ll get heavenly guarantee inclusion expanding an entire 7 years. What more would you be able to request?


  • Variable speed with all the power you need on tap
  • Oversized capacity for a large family
  • Super-simple to clean


  • Quite noisy at full power

Ninja are maybe most popular for their Dyson-equaling vacuums, and you can expect a similar accuracy designing and smart plan with this blender. 

It’s likewise strikingly reasonable thinking about the usefulness on offer. What do you get for your cash, then, at that point?

Indeed, this unit gives you the opportunity to make everything from juices and smoothies through to frozen plunges and treat mixture.

The larger than usual 72oz pitcher is great for squeezing and it’s likewise incredible on the off chance that you want to prepare enormous clumps of ice for mixed drinks.

Whenever you’ve pounded your produce, you can empty straightforwardly into the lidded cups gave so you can partake in your juice in a hurry.

This blender settles on a shrewd decision on the off chance that you intend to handle food when you’re not squeezing. The 8-cup bowl gives you enormous scope for stirring up bigger bunches of fixings. 

Because of a couple of super-effective cutting edges, you can make 2 pounds of batter in 20 seconds level. Regardless of whether you need pizzas or treats, you’re in safe hands.

Many individuals new to squeezing are quickly stuck for motivation, and that is totally reasonable. Ninja tends to this by packaging a convenient formula guide so you can get rolling right out the container regardless of whether you’re a finished fledgling.

All parts are protected to sneak through the dishwasher so you will not be confronted with any troublesome tidy up once you have your juice good to go.

The main genuine grumbling we could uncover concerns client care, so pack a lot of tolerance assuming that you really want to call for help. 

With a blender this great, however, it’s profoundly improbable you’ll have to call for help. You are reading this article Best Blender Juicer Combo Reviews.


  • 72oz pitcher for all your smoothies
  • 2 lidded Nutri Ninja travel cups
  • Powerful 1500-watt motor


  • Customer care is questionable

With regards to kitchen blenders, NutriBullet is a predominant power. Their profound seat of items conveys something for everybody, and the Pro Plus sits easily at the upper stopping point.

This unit accompanies a torquey and strong 1200-watt engine in the engine. This gives you adequate capability to manage hard and difficult fixings without workaholic behavior the machine. 

From juices and smoothies to salsas and plunges, you’ll get a flexible partner in the kitchen.

This blender has been overhauled so you can accomplish double the power with no increment in by and large aspects, ideal for swarmed or little kitchens. 

You’ll likewise profit from worked on supplement extraction, so you’ll settle the score additional decency from anything you toss inside. 

Dissimilar to an ordinary blender, the NutriBullet is intended to separate the cell dividers of the food while crushing through stalks, seeds, and mash.

The beat button is great assuming that you’re making salsa while the without hands auto-off work makes your life a breeze.

A similar convenience stretches out to tidy up with dishwasher-safe parts saving you from cleaning the unit somewhere around hand.

As well as a convenient little formula book, you’ll likewise get a pocket nutritionist tossed in so you can get the exceptionally most from your produce regardless of whether you’re simply beginning your squeezing venture.

Assuming you need a profoundly adaptable blender from a brand you can trust, we can’t suggest the NutriBullet Pro Plus unequivocally enough. Tell us how you get on! Best Blender Juicer Combo


  • Unbeatable brand heritage
  • Compact unit with capable powerplant
  • Recipe book and pocket nutritionist


  • Build quality could be improved

Breville makes a wide assortment of kitchenware that is worked to the best expectations while as yet staying reasonable.

The center of this apparatus is a strong blender that is tailor-made for squeezing. Close by, you’ll likewise discover some essential food handling capacities so you have a multipurpose piece of unit at a cost you’ll cherish.

As you’d completely anticipate from Breville, the engine has a sizable amount of ability to easily separate more earnestly products of the soil for your juices or different plans.

The sharp edges are produced using careful grade treated steel. This outcomes in a lucky life expectancy and cutting edges that will remain more honed for longer. 

The Kinetix framework consolidated these sharp edges with a formed bowl so your produce has no place to stow away and will be in every way impeccably mixed.

In spite of such strong execution, this machine runs pretty discreetly for a blender. It’s one of the calmest in its group, truth be told, so makes a shrewd bet in the event that you live in a condo with neighbors effectively upset.

The insightful plan reaches out to the one of a kind top. It’s amazingly simple to eliminate utilizing the ring pull component gave, yet it remains firmly fixed all through mixing so you can work with certainty.

Ergonomic press button activity is joined with a LCD with all that you really want showed plainly. Speed settings and presets are generally open from the control board. The blender couldn’t be simpler to utilize regardless of whether you normally disdain tech.

Auto-cleaning is another important element thinking about how abnormal it tends to be to wipe out blenders manually.


  • Highly efficient and extremely quiet
  • Beginner-friendly operation
  • Auto-cleaning function


  • Lid is tough to open until you master the mechanism

Blendtec make some tech-driven blenders that are super-easy to utilize, so how does this demonstrate shape up?

All blenders are just pretty much as great as their cutting edges and Blendtec get this nailed. Produced using extra-thick fashioned hardened steel, you’ll get multiple times the strength of an ordinary blender sharp edge as well as drastically further developed life expectancy. 

The edges isn’t so sharp you’ll run into any risk, while you will not miss out on cutting power all things considered.

Evaluated at 1560 watts, the powerplant has a very sizable amount of oomph to assist you with getting past intense elements for your beloved juices.

However, what about assuming you extravagant preparing some food in the blender? All things considered, here you’ll see the value in the way this blender saddles the hotness of grinding to raise the temperature of your soups. This likewise functions admirably for other food you need warmed in your blender.

The mixing compartment is more than open enough at 72oz. Mixing limit is 32oz, either wet or dry. To place this into point of view, you ought to produce enough of your cherished juice for 3 to 4 servings. Assuming you have a bigger family, be ready to make various bunches or search for a bigger blender.

With 6 presets punched in, utilizing this blender couldn’t be a lot simpler. Assuming you’re a more experienced professional, you can connect with manual mode and take full control yourself. Whichever choice you pick, activity is consistent.

As delegated magnificence, you’ll profit from a class-driving 8-year guarantee. This shows the certainty the maker has in this blender and you can purchase with absolute inner serenity.


  • Manual control or presets
  • Generous blending capacity
  • Blend wet and dry


  • Quality control can be volatile

One more passage from the matchless Ninja up next with this Nutri Ninja individual blender. Regardless of whether you live alone or you’re away at school, there’s no great explanation to do without your beloved juicers, and there’s no compelling reason to squander cash on a family-sized machine when you can observe something considerably more reduced this way.

Likewise with all Ninja blenders, you’ll partake in the Auto-iQ innovation which renders activity as basic as punching a couple of buttons whenever you’ve tossed your produce inside.

The powerplant is appraised at 1000 watts which is above and beyond for a blender this size. You’ll get the power you want without drawing down an excess of power for the twofold success. 

Say farewell to stalks, stems, and seeds, and usher in flawlessly mixed juices with definitely no work required.

Drinking cups tossed in (18ox, 24oz, and 32oz) ensures you can take your juice or smoothie with you en route to chip away at when you’re out in the vehicle. You should simply contort on the top and you’re all set.

There’s a computerized clock that counts down and empowers you to follow mixing initially. There are 2 manual velocities to look over relying upon what fixings you’re working with.

An aide loaded with 30 enticing plans ought to move you to begin squeezing like a master practically straight out the case.

With all parts liberated from BPA and protected to slide in the dishwasher, you’ll be left with just one question: how could Ninja sell this thing so economically? Best Blender Juicer Combo


  • Crush your ingredients at the press of a button
  • One-touch programmability
  • Recipe book bundled


  • Some complaints about customer support

The strong Ninja conveys again with the Nutri 1000, a profoundly competent yet conservative blender ideal for squeezing hard leafy foods, as well as pulverizing up ice for your mixed drinks or smoothies.

Similarly as with the very best Ninja blenders in this class, you benefit from Auto IQ innovation, yet what’s the significance here in plain English? 

Set forth plainly, this blender does all the difficult work for you. Settings can be consequently streamlined so you’ll get the best out of this machine regardless of whether you’re a finished amateur.

You get two or three travel cups tossed in. The 18oz and 24oz cups are done in a plastic material called Tritan. Convenient spouts smooth out drinking your cherished juices and smoothies in a hurry.

The Nutri 1000 mixes anything products of the soil you toss inside to the consistency you want, and you’ll get all the decency from your food, as well. The Nutri 1000 guarantees that large number of crucial supplements stay in salvageable shape.

Regardless of whether you need to utilize the programmed or manual settings on this unit, you’ll appreciate press button ease and the capacity to rush up lip-smacking juices and smoothies at home on request. 

This is probably the best blender for squeezing out there, and it likewise functions admirably for most smoothies.


  • Auto IQ tech baked in
  • Powers through tough produce
  • Punchy powerplant


  • Pretty noisy in operation

Cuisinart makes a wide exhibit of kitchenware and other hard-hitting machines without blackmailing you. How does this space-saving blender stack up, then, at that point?

The little impression is maybe the principal thing that strikes you. Estimating simply 10.5 x 7.5 x 13.5 inches and weighing just 6.5 pounds, this blender is reduced, convenient, and a flawless fit for little kitchens, condos, or apartments.

Presently, as you would anticipate from any more modest blender valued solidly in spending plan an area, you’ll have to make a few trade offs as a trade-off at the sharp cost and downsized aspects. 

While liberated from BPA, the plastic form appears to be somewhat shaky. For some buyers, however, this is a value certainly worth paying.

A corded machine, the link is a liberal 36 inches so you shouldn’t be restricted as far as arrangement.

The whole cutting edge get together is removable which is phenomenal when it’s an ideal opportunity to tidy up.

You get a pleasant combination of cups with this unit. There’s a 32oz container, a couple of 16oz travel cups, and a 8oz chopper cup. The movement cups accompany lockable tops so you can perk up your drive with a portion of your cherished juice. Another pleasant touch is the manner in which these adornments all lock into put on the base so you have everything not far off and in one spot.

On the off chance that you’ve been looking for the comfort and flexibility of a major blender, however you additionally need the capacity to drink your juice in a hurry in convenient single servings, we’d firmly suggest popping this Cuisinart on your waitlist.


  • Powerful motor but small footprint
  • Removable blade assembly
  • Pair of lidded travel cups


  • Lifespan is not the best

This Cleanblend business blender packs all in all a punch and it’s estimated sensibly, so how does this unit pile up?

Off the bat, you get a 1800-watt engine substantially more remarkable than the majority of the resistance. Regardless of whether you toss in testing fixings, you’ll observe them blitzed in seconds level.

Edges are solidified hardened steel and you additionally get a fixed metal ball with 8 cutting edges. All plastic parts are sans bpa.

This is a really multipurpose machine giving you the accompanying elements:

  • Blend
  • Chop
  • Crush
  • Heat
  • Grind
  • Liquify
  • Process
  • Puree

You could imagine that with all that power on draft and such wide-going usefulness, this blender would be a giant, yet it’s genuinely minimal with in general aspects 18 x 15 x 13 inches. It weighs only 12 pounds.

The body is produced using treated steel giving you an extensive life expectancy.

In the event that you’re searching for a rough blender yet you would rather not spend a fortune, this is perhaps the best trade off you could make. Best Blender Juicer Combo


  • Blend up large portions
  • Hardened stainless steel blades
  • Outstanding warranty coverage


  • Quite a heavy and bulky unit

Last but absolutely not least comes another NutriBullet. This is the original model in the bestselling line, and it’s the baby of the bunch. Is it true that good things come in small packages, or should you go large and opt for one of the beefier models?

As with any buying decision, that depends. Think closely about your needs before committing to purchase and explore the whole line to see which is the best fit in terms of both capacity and overall performance.

With this model, the Rx, the motor is rated at 1700 watts giving you excellent power reserves on tap to help you process even demanding ingredients that would bog lesser blenders down. From silky smooth juices and smoothies through to lip-smacking soups and salsas, you’ll soon find yourself widening your repertoire and delighting your friends and family.

If you plan to make hot meals and snacks in the blender, the blade friction technology serves to heat the ingredients as they are processed.

The technology baked into the NutriBullet ensures that you get the most nutrients out of your juices and smoothies, allowing you to put this blender’s strapline into practice: transform your health with no limitations.

Once you’re done, simply rinse the blades under hot running water then pop the cups in the dishwasher for a hassle-free clean-up every time.


  • Ruthlessly efficient motor
  • Cups are dishwasher-safe
  • Hands-free smart operation


  • Not the most versatile blender

Things you should consider

Presently, you could at first consider the possibility of obtaining a blender you can use for squeezing to be overpowering, yet there’s no requirement for it to be like that.

To lessen your disarray, we’ve aggregated a straightforward rundown of pointers to zero in on while you’re shopping blenders so you can settle on the ideal choice the simple way.

This is the way to continue:

  1. Price
  2. Type of Blender
  3. Power
  4. Capacity
  5. Blades
  6. Interface and Features
  7. Self-Cleaning
  8. Safety
  9. Warranty


We don’t regularly zero in on value a lot of while we’re contrasting items as value has an impact in each purchasing choice.

While you’re searching for a blender for squeezing, however, we’d propose beginning by fixing a financial plan. This will assist with smoothing out your choices without you expecting to do anything past choosing the amount you can bear to spend.

Type of blender

There are 2 primary choices available to you assuming you’re thinking about a blender for squeezing:

  • Juicer/blender combo
  • Blendr with juicer connection


The force of blender engines is evaluated in watts, and we’ve obviously caused you to notice the power rating of every unit.


How much squeeze would you say you are hoping to make at one time? Assuming you live alone or you’re the main relative who juices, you should search for a solitary serve blender with movement cups tossed in. On the off chance that, nonetheless, you every now and again squeeze for the entire family, search for a high-limit pitcher so you won’t have to continue to make separate clumps.


The cutting edges are the vital component on any blender. They’ll deal with all mixing and squeezing obligations so you want to make specific the models you’re thinking about have tempered steel sharp edges equipped for enduring the distance.


Think finally about what kind of warranty coverage you are offered with the blenders on your shortlist.


Indeed, assuming you came here today with no genuine thought on the off chance that you could juice utilizing a blender, you should now be evident that you surely can!

While a blender probably won’t convey such a light and clear squeeze as a devoted juicer, you’ll partake in a drink with all the integrity and supplements remaining. As an additional kicker, you’ll likewise profit from a lot more extensive usefulness giving you better worth and more choices.

Presently, pause for a minute to bookmark Oh Juice before you head off. Additionally, assuming you have any questions or criticism whatsoever, reach out any time. We love to hear from our perusers and we’ll see you soon!

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