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Drying is one of the most seasoned known ways of saving food and an extraordinary method for mixing it up and intriguing you’re eating regimen. While everything from apples to green beans comes with excellent outcomes in a cutting edge food dehydrator, an ideal way to utilize one is to make jerky. 

If you’re a tracker and don’t know how to manage extra meat or regardless of whether you like purchasing meat in mass, you ought to consider putting resources into the best dehydrator for jerky.

There are a couple of exciting critical points regarding picking a dehydrator—something significant to contemplate is the kind of dehydrator you need and limit. Stackable machines have various degrees of rings that stack on top of each other, and they’re generally expandable so that you can increment the limit depending on the situation. 

Rack models, then again, have a decent measure of a plate; however, some figure out how to offer a lot of regions for drying. The temperature range is significant, as well, because each food has a protected temperature for drying out. To make jerky securely, you want a dehydrator that warms to 160°F and 165°F for poultry.

To compose this aide, we went through hours searching through surveys and remarks from specialists and individuals very much like you who utilize these items in their homes consistently. 

First, you’ll observe an advantageous table where you can analyze our picks as a whole and see what stands apart about everyone. Next are our inside and out surveys about every item, trailed by a point by point purchasing guide that will assist you with finding the best dehydrator for jerky.

Best Food Dehydrator For Jerky

10,943 ratings

#1 Best Seller

The dehydrator is made of food-grade tempered steel and glass entryways so that you can look at the doneness of your jerky. The advanced control board doesn’t just reflect a smooth plan yet permits you to set the clock between 30 minutes and 48 hours. 

My cherished highlights on this item are the programmed shutoff and overheat insurance. Auto shut off kicks in right when the clock closes. Overheat assurance will enact if the dehydrator overheats. This machine isn’t boisterous, and it just delivers 48 decibels, and it’s about the size of a microwave.

The colour accompanies six BPA free plastic plates, one organic product roll sheet, and one cross-section screen.

Individuals are saying that the machine is peaceful and makes beautiful jerky. Clients are also referencing that drying is quicker, nearly by a factor of 2. They have more trust in the tempered steel versus plastic regarding both potential poison transmission to food and the capacity to completely clean with nontoxic cleaners. A few clients were referencing that they disliked the control board


  • Touch control LEDA Display
  • Automatic shut off.
  • Overheat protection


  • Problem with control panel.

Best Over All

The Excalibur is the #1 dehydrator I would prescribe for somebody hoping to purchase a dehydrator for making hamburger jerky. The main thing you notice is the overall size and limit of the unit, taking into account an aggregate of 6lbs of meat to be dried on the double.

This dehydrator is made in California and is highly significant. The unit accompanies a long term guarantee, the best and most extended guarantee of the relatively many units tried. The 600-watt fan is mounted toward the rear of the dehydrator, blowing air evenly over the nine plates. More plates would NOT be added to this unit to build the limit.

The Excalibur has a temperature control that reaches from 105° to 165°F and a clock that will allow you to set the unit to dry for a specific measure of time and consequently shut off.

It required 75 minutes for the test food to arrive at an inside temperature of 150°F and 180 minutes to arrive at 160°F. The temperature contrasted 15°F from the rear of the unit (nearest to the fan) to the front of the team. I suggest turning the plate partially through getting dried out along these lines.

The Excalibur was the third noisiest dehydrator arriving at a high of 63 decibels while running.


  • Temperature control 105° to 165°F
  • Built-in timer
  • Dishwasher safe trays
  • Built-in the USA
  • Ten-year warranty
  • BPA Free Trays


  • High cost
  • Have to rotate trays during drying
  • Fixed number of trays, cannot increase capacity


This unit is made in Wisconsin and produces great beef jerky! The Nesco comes with five trays which will handle about 3lbs of meat. However, seven extra trays can be purchased (a little over ten dollars for a pair of 2), making a total of 12 trays for 7.5lbs of capacity. That’s a lot of jerkies!

The design of this unit allows a 600watt top-mounted fan to evenly distribute the heat throughout the unit for even and fast drying. A temperature control allows you to select a temp from 95° to 160°F. Out of the four dehydrators tested, this was the only unit that maintained the same temperature throughout the entire unit, making it great for drying jerky evenly.

It required 92 minutes for the test food to reach an inner temperature of 150°F and 195 minutes to arrive at 160°F. The temperature between the top and base plate never contrasted more than 2°F.

The Nesco was additionally the second calmest unit, arriving at a high of 58 decibels, permitting it to be run in the kitchen without annoying you while sitting in front of the television or eating.


  • Low cost
  • Temperature control 95° to 160°F
  • Expandable tray capacity
  • BPA Free Trays
  • Quiet when running
  • Built-in the USA


  • No timer
  • Trays are NOT dishwasher safe
  • Only one year warranty

The Ivation Dehydrator came in at #3, fueled by a back-mounted 480-watt fan. This dehydrator hushes up! You nearly don’t realize that it is running. It came in at a maximum of 55 decibels, the calmest of the four dehydrators tried.

The Ivation accompanies six plates that can hold around 4lbs of meat, and there is also a nine plate unit. The reasonable front window of this unit permits you to watch out for your jerky without opening the unit.

The dehydrator is all around made and has a temperature control that reaches 95° to 155°F. Notwithstanding, during the test drying, following 4 hours and 30 minutes, the test food just arrived at a maximum inward temperature of 140°F at the rear of the unit (nearest to the fan) and 131°F at the front of the unit. This dehydrator fizzled in, arriving at the immeasurably significant 160°F inner temperature for making hamburger jerky.

If buying this dehydrator for making meat jerky, I suggest warming the hamburger strips on the stove until they arrive at an inside temperature of 160° before eliminating them and completing the lack of hydration process in this dehydrator.


  • BPA Free Trays
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Quiet while running
  • Clear front window


  • Made in China
  • Low capacity
  • High Cost

Coming in at #4 is the Presto 06300, 600-watt base mounted fan dehydrator. This was the most reduced cost dehydrator out of the ones assessed and, however, had a few decent elements. It is made in China yet seems, by all accounts, to be all around made.

It accompanies four plates with the choice to buy up to one more four dishes for a sum of 8. With the four plates, this unit can hold around 3lbs of jerky or a sum of 6lbs in the wake of buying an additional four plates.

I enjoyed how the Presto permits you to stack every plate inside one more for a highly conservative capacity. Out of the four dehydrators tried, this unit was the lightest and most straightforward to store away, being about ½ the size of different units. It additionally has a reasonable top that permits you to see the jerky while it dries.

During the drying of the test food, this unit just contrasted by 8°, the base plate (nearest to fan) being more sultry than the top plate. Nonetheless, what was terrible was the generally inward temperature of the test food. The test food arrived at 150°F shortly, yet never arrived at the highly significant 160°F inside temperature for making meat jerky. The test food on the top plate just arrived at a high of 144°.

Since this unit didn’t warm the test food to a safe interior temperature of 160°F, further advances would need to be taken while making hamburger jerky with the Presto. Does this imply that you will consistently become ill if making jerky with this dehydrator? No. However, I would have no desire to gamble with the well-being of my family or companions.

As I referenced above with the Ivation; If buying this dehydrator for making hamburger jerky, I suggest warming the meat strips in the broiler until they arrive at an inward temperature of 160° before eliminating them and completing the drying out process in this dehydrator.

The Presto was additionally the most intense dehydrator I tried, with a maximum of 69 decibels while running. This isn’t exceptionally clear but more substantial than the others.


  • Low cost
  • Requires small storage space, very compact
  • Dishwasher safe trays
  • BPA Free
  • A clear top (see jerky while dehydrating)
  • Expandable Trays


  • No temperature control (Does not heat to 160°F)
  • Low capacity with the four supplied trays
  • Only one year warranty
  • Noisy when running
  • Built-in China

Next up is the Magic Mill Commercial Pro Xl, highlighting hardened steel development and a hotness retentive front entryway. The back-mounted fan and engine make a level drying framework that gives uniform drying.

This is a genuinely versatile machine. It holds ten trays on the double and accompanies ten stainless steel plates, ten fine cross-section sheets, and five non-stick sheets for making organic product calfskin. Every container can hold up to 1.3 pounds of food and is dishwasher protected to make cleanup simple.

The temperature range is somewhere in the field of 95 and 167°F. However, there are just nine unique settings to look over. While this dehydrator still furnishes an adequate number of locations to utilize it with an assortment of food, a few clients wanted that they have more command over the specific temperature setting than browsing restricted presets.

This machine has a 24-hour clock and consequently stop to forestall overdrying.

There are a couple of disadvantages to this machine. A few clients remarked that it showed up with marks and breaks, albeit the container was flawless, demonstrating that the harm undoubtedly happened at the manufacturing plant. 

Different clients asserted that the machine didn’t keep going for a year; however, these grumblings were not the typical experience. The engine is covered with a 1-year guarantee that would cover any significant issues.


  • Holds ten trays
  • Includes ten stainless steel trays, ten fine mesh trays, and five non-stick sheets
  • Trays are dishwasher safe
  • 24-hour timer
  • Automatic shut off


  • Only nine temperature settings to choose from
  • Some users reported product arrived damaged
  • A few users claimed the machine didn’t last very long

The Magic Mill MFD-6051 is a smooth looking machine that includes an enormous straightforward window so you can mind how things are advancing without disturbing the device. A back-mounted fan and engine give level air development to uniform drying. 

The six removable without BPA plastic racks are flexible to oblige a wide range of food sources. While utilizing each of the six frames, you get a complete surface of 6.5 square feet, and because they’re honest, you can use every last trace of room. The actual machine is enormous and will occupy a great deal of space on your counter.

The computerized controls are straightforward to utilize. Albeit the temperature settings range from 95 to 158°F, there are just nine unique settings to browse, so you can’t make any slight changes. This machine gives a sufficiently large temperature range that is reasonable for jerky and organic products, vegetables, and spices.

The mechanical clock can be set for up to 19.5 hours, and it counts down, so you know how long you have left and switches the machine off when it’s finished. This machine has overheating security assurance and a dribble to gather and buildup that happens during the drying system.


  • Sizeable transparent window to see inside
  • Rear-mounted fan and motor for uniform drying
  • Six removable plastic racks
  • Digital countdown timer
  • Automatic shut off
  • Overheating safety protection


  • Only nine different temperature options
  • Large footprint yet a relatively small total drying surface

The Chefman RJ43-SQ-9 has a creative plan that augments the wind stream without overheating or overdrying. You can browse preset temperature settings that reach from 95 to 158 degrees F so you can dry jerky, organic product, veggies, and spices securely. Also, you gain admittance to Club Chefman, an internet-based asset that is stacked with bit by bit plans and instructional exercises.

There are nine open movable plates made without BPA plastic so you can securely get dried out various sorts of food all simultaneously. In addition, they’re removable and can be placed in the dishwasher for simple cleanup.

A straightforward entryway lets you look at the machine’s advancement without opening the entrance, causing head misfortune and intruding on the cycle. Additionally, a coordinated clock can be set however long 19.5 hours that consequently switches off the machine when wrapped up. 

This is an extraordinary element for any individual who needs to leave their device running for the time being and doesn’t have any desire to stress over awakening on schedule to switch it off.

One regular protest clients had is that the entryway gets found out on the plate when you open it. They additionally remarked that the vessel was, for the most part challenging to keep set up and distorted over the long run.


  • Nine large trays
  • Trays are dishwasher safe
  • Transparent door to monitor progress
  • Integrated timer
  • Automatic shut off


  • Door commonly gets stuck on trays
  • Trays are challenging to keep in place
  • Trays warp over time

The Tribest Sedona Express is a solid computerized food dehydrator with 11 tempered steel plates that oblige a ton of getting dried out while requiring little space on your ledge. The unit’s entryway locks shut and has an enormous glass board for checking and a simple control board. Likewise, it was the just dehydrator we tried with light for further developed review.

The Sedona Express dried jerky and apples well indeed and equitably, even though we encountered some adhering to the metal. (A plastic plate rendition is accessible, too, which we tracked down assists with staying.) It hushed up in contrast with a large portion of the dehydrators we tried.

The Sedona Express highlights a few drying outmodes – including quick, crude and a mix of both – which put it aside from contenders. The fast mode permits the temperature inside the unit to cycle over the set temperature so food can dry out quicker.

The crude model doesn’t help the team surpass the set temperature, which keeps your food overheated. While the quick mode is commonly utilized across machines, the simple model considers more exact drying out.


  • The adjustable temperature in 1-degree increments (77℉ to 167℉)
  • Programmable timer from 1 to 99 hours
  • 11 dishwasher-safe trays


  • Pricey


We’ve picked and definite the best appraised jerky dehydrators on Amazon, trusting that you find this article accommodating in choosing the most proper drying out machine for your requirements.

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