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The essential kitchen tool is the knife. It isn’t easy to make the extra effort needed to finish a task using an untidy knife. Additionally, using sharp knives can be dangerous because it is more prone to slip off. Instead of finding the knife is dull while preparing food, what if you know how to determine whether knives are sharp?

There are a variety of methods and tips created over the years. But I will pick the best ones and teach you how you can examine your knives.

Identifying a Sharp Knife

Testing the sharpness of your knife could be quite a frightening task, mainly when you use your fingers. This method demands the user to run their finger gently along the edges of blades. It’s a very intuitive technique, and you’ll know whether it is sharp.

If not correctly performed, it could cause an accident. So, you can replace your nail using an acrylic pen. If the edge is catching the plastic, it’s sufficient sharp.

To prevent this, most people will prefer using the knives till they are stuck during the cutting process because the edges of their blades aren’t sharp anymore. What if I told you that there are more methods of recognizing sharp knives than using the fingers?

We’ll discuss five additional ways to determine whether knives are sharp.

1. Tomato Test

tomato test knife
Image Credit: knifebuzz. com

Tomatoes are soft, with smooth skin, and it is necessary to sharpen a knife to slice through them without pressure. So, if you’re looking to determine whether the knife you use is razor-sharp, purchase one tomato and then run your knife across it. If it cuts easily through the tomato, the knife is sharp.

2. Arm Hair Test

Razor Sharp
Image Credit: knifebuzz. com

It’s not unusual to observe people cutting off the hair on their forearms with freshly purchased or sharpened knives. However, this is one of the most influential and insane methods to test the quality of the knife. A sharp knife will give the perfect cut when you twist it over the hair of your arm. But, if your hair is tangled over the blade or causes pain when cutting, then the knife should be sharpened.

3. The Paper Test

paper test knife 1
Image Credit: knifebuzz. com

It is probably the most popular method of testing. Place a sheet of paper, and then run your knife across. A clever knife runs through the entire sheet of paper and divides it into two. If it does not cut the paper off or only cuts the edges and then comes to a stop in the middle, your knife has become dull.

4. Visual Inspection

sharp knives
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This is among the fastest methods of knowing if the knife you have needs either sharpening or honing. It’s easy. Put your knife on an illuminated object and look for reflections. When the blade shines or shines, it’s sharp. A sharp knife has an edge with a discreet black line and teeth that are not shiny.

5. Onion Test

onion test
Image Credit: knifebuzz. com

Onions are rebels, and you will require a well-cut knife when you want to take them down. A dull or blunt knife may slide off the onion when trying to cut or cut it or need a lot of pressure from you to get through. If the effort and pressure you apply to the onion are excessive for you, then it’s time to have the knife sharpened.


There are a variety of other methods to determine the sharpness of knives. But, whatever method you decide to use, ensure that you’re careful with the process to prevent the risk of causing an accident. If your knives have sharp edges, storing them in the correct place and making sure you use them with the correct food items can help keep the sharpness.


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