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Today’s Did You Know; we’ll look at refrigerator fun facts.

Refrigerator exciting information: The first household refrigerator made by General Electric in 1911 was inspired by the design of the French Cistercian Monk as well as a physics professor known as Marcel Audiffren. The monk’s method of refrigerating with sulphur dioxide came from a wooden refrigerator called the Audiffren. The price was $1000, double an automobile’s price.

  • Saltwater, also known as brine, is often employed as a food preservation agent and refrigerant. Medieval people discovered that brine absorbed heat when it evaporated and put the container in brine to cool them. In America, the meat packing industry gained its name during the 1800s when people packed their food into barrels of brine.
  • November 15th is National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day.
  • Albert Einstein was the co-inventor of the refrigerator invented by Albert Einstein. He and his former colleague Leo Szilard received a patent for it in 1930. Coolants at the time could be harmful, and Einstein developed the concept of an easy single-pressure absorption fridge when Einstein read about a sleepy family who was killed by the leakage of refrigerator coolant.
  • A refrigerator is a drawer or compartment that is used to keep fruits and vegetables freshly picked in addition to “crisp” (thus the name). Crispers operate by maintaining humidity levels suitable for fruit and vegetables in their fresh state.
  • Louise J. Greenfarb of Henderson, Nevada, has more than 32,000 different refrigerator magnets. The name she has earned is “The Magnet Lady.”
  • To earn the Energy STAR certification, refrigerators must consume at least 15% less energy than is stipulated by the federal standards currently in effect (with freezers, that’s 10%). Small Energy STAR refrigerators (those with a volume of 7.75 cubic feet or less) have to use 20 per cent less energy than standard models.
  • More than 8 million refrigerators sell annually throughout the U.S. Around 70% of these are top-mounted, i.e. fridge on top, freezer at the bottom. One-quarter of them are side-by-side refrigerators that consume more power than top-mount models. A mere 5% can be considered bottom-mounted refrigerators, in which the freezer is situated beneath the refrigerator.
  • Around 15% of American households have two refrigerators.
  • In 2004, Olaf Diegel, who has diabetes, designed a pocket-sized refrigerator to carry insulin on journeys.
  • In 2007 Duke University engineering graduate John Cornwell invented a mini-fridge equipped with a remote-controlled beer bottle extractor and the catapult.

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